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Welcome to the distributional atlas of U.S. crayfish



Crayfish locations have been sourced from peer-reviewed literature and online databases to provide high quality distributional information. Crayfish locations are mapped across the United States. This map can be used to explore and compare individual species distributions state-wide or nationally. 'Species by State' provides the species names and number of locations within each state.

Please note, some species records may disappear as the map is zoomed in. This is deliberate to protect locality information of critically endangered species and data from private sources.
To find more information about a specific location data point, please refer to the contact details provided for the source.

Please cite this website as:
Bloomer CC and CA Taylor (2020). American Crayfish Atlas. Internet. https://americancrayfishatlas.web.illinois.edu/



We would like to thank the following people for their contributions:
Mr Neil Bloomer for assistance with website coding and development;
Mr Billy Nixon for data compilation;
The following people for their location data;
Dr Susan Adams
Dr Zanethia Barnett
Dr Jeremy Wright
Ms Heidi Gartner
Dr Henry Choong
Dr James Fetzner
Dr Fran Oficialdegui
Dr Marymegan Daly
Mr Alan Libby
Mr Roger Thoma
Dr Zachary Loughman
Dr Brian Roth
Dr William Budnick
Mr Daragh Deegan
Ms Julia Colby
Dr Jennifer Zaspel


The American Crayfish Atlas is a collaborative project developed in the lab of Dr Christopher Taylor at the Illinois Natural History Survey, Prairie Research Institute. Dr Taylor researches the conservation and systematics of North American crayfishes and serves as the curator of fish and crustaceans at INHS.

This website is designed and maintained by Ms Caitlin Bloomer. She is a graduate research assistant in the Taylor lab and currently studies burrowing crayfish conservation.
If you would like to contribute data and be listed as a collaborator, please contact Dr Taylor at cataylor@illinois.edu

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