Data Sources

If you are interested in a specific record, please check the source and find contact details below.

If no contact details are available contact Dr Christopher Taylor at INHS.

Institution Code Institution Name Contact Email/ Website
INHS Illinois Natural History Survey Dr Christopher Taylor
NCSM North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Dr Bronwyn Williams
UF University of Florida Mr John D. Slapcinsky
USNM National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution Mr William Moser
MCZ Museum of Comparative Zoology Ms Emily Blank
AUM Auburn University Museum of Natural History No Contact Available
CMN Canadian Museum of Nature No Contact Available
YPM Yale Peabody Museum Dr Eric Lazo-Wasem
AM Australian Museum General information
FMNH Field Museum of Natural History Invertebrate Collections
OMNH Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Dr Janet K. Braun
JFBM J. F. Bell Museum of Natural History General information
TCWC Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection Teaching Collections
UAM University of Alaska Museum Dr Andres Lopez
UCFC University of Central Florida Mr Sandor Kelly
BYUC Brigham Young University Collections Collections
EKU Eastern Kentucky University No Contact Available
GSA Geological Survey of Alabama Ms Marcella McIntyre-Redden
MSMNH Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Mr Matthew Wagner
RBCM Royal British Columbia Museum Ms Heidi Gartner
TROY Troy University, Alabama No Contact Available
TUMNH Tulane University Museum of Natural History Mr Justin Mann
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority No Contact Available NCA
UA University of Alabama Dr Kevin Kocot
USFS United States Forest Service No Contact Available NCA
USFS- CBHR Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research Dr Susan Adams
USFS-CBHR Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research Dr Zanethia Barnett
Egly,2018 Egly and Larson, 2018 Sourced from publication
M&O, 2018 Messager and Olden, 2018 Sourced from publication
Larson,10 Larson et al., 2010 Sourced from publication
Pearl 2013 Pearl et al., 2013 Sourced from Publicaton
Hubert2010 Hubert, 2010 Sourced from Publication Survey of Wyoming Crayfishes: 2007-2009
NYSM New York State Museum Dr Jeremy Wright
Thoma 2016 Thoma et al., 2016 Sourced from publication
TF 2015 Thoma and Fetzner, 2015 Sourced from publication
Thoma 2011 Thoma, 2011 Sourced from publication
Johnson10 Johnson, 2010 Sourced from publication
Johnson18 Johnson, 2018 Sourced from publication 10.11646/zootaxa.4468.1.1
Johnson08 Johnson, 2008 Sourced from publication
Johnson11 Johnson, 2011 Sourced from publication
Glon 2020 Glon et al., 2020 Sourced from publication
Glon 2019 Glon et al., 2019 Sourced from publication
Perkins19 Perkins et al., 2019 Sourced from publication
LW2019 Loughman and Williams, 2019 Sourced from publication 10.11646/zootaxa.4403.1.10
Ofic2019 Oficialdegui et. al., 2019 Sourced from publication
Adams2018 Adams, 2018 Sourced from publication
Ofic2020 Oficialdegui et. al., 2020 Sourced from publication
Loughman19 Loughman et al., 2019 Sourced from publication
Loughman13 Loughman et al., 2013 Sourced from publication
CMNH Carnegie Museum of Natural History Dr James Fetzner FetznerJ@CarnegieMNH.Org
OSU Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity Dr Marymegan Daly
RIFWS Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife Mr Alan Libby
WLU West Liberty University Dr Zachary Loughman
MSUPEAL Michigan State University Predator Ecology and Astacology Lab Dr Brian Roth
EPWUM Elkhart Public Works and Utilities Voucher Museum Mr Daragh Deegan
MPM Milwaukee Public Museum Ms Julia Colby